Telephone Service

Do you need extra support with answering calls?

Do you need cover answering calls during lunch breaks or busy periods?

Do you want to take away the burden of answering calls?

Do you need cover answering calls during staff holidays or staff sickness?

If you answered yes to any of these questions our South African telephone service may be right for you.


  • All of the phones taking calls in South Africa are operated as though they are in the UK.
  • The caller is only paying the normal charge that they would pay to ring you direct.
  • Any call to your normal number goes through to our team in South Africa and the software system identifies who the call is to and will be answered in your firm’s name.
  • The person taking the call then takes details and can transfer the call to you or any of your colleagues in the normal way.
  • If the call cannot be put through an email message will be sent to the appropriate person.

You will need to be using a Voice over the Internet Protocal (VoIP) system to receive calls.

Our two telephone software systems that we currently use are Skype for Business and Avaya. We will work with your software should it differ from the two we are using.


Service Price
Full-Time Dedicated Person: £1,000 plus VAT a month
Specific Hours £10 an hour plus VAT
Price Per Call £1.50 per unit (up to 6 minutes) plus VAT
Evening / Night Calls
(5pm until 9am)
£2 per unit (up to 6 minutes) plus VAT and £5 per night plus VAT fixed rate on call charge
Weekend Calls
(5pm Friday until 9am Monday)
£2 per unit (up to 6 minutes) plus VAT and £30 plus VAT fixed rate weekend on call charge

We also operate the same system for making calls and that can be anything from assisting on files by telephoning clients or agents, through to running a telesales campaign.

For further information or to arrange a free trial contact Kerry Underwood on 01442 430900 or email