Offshore Secretarial Services

Do you want to reduce costs but maintain quality, continuity, confidentiality and trust?

Offshore your secretarial services to our staff based near Cape Town in South Africa. They carry out all Underwoods Solicitors digital dictation work accurately and efficiently.

We have been working with our staff in South Africa for over 10 years and have a tried and tested system which we offer to other law firms in the UK.

Our South African Staff are trained in the English legal system and are used to our accents! They are employed directly by Underwoods Solicitors and therefore comply with all SRA requirements just like any other employees of solicitors.

With little time difference between the countries and English as a first language it is a natural fit. We communicate with our staff everyday via Microsoft Teams and spend time with them in South Africa several times a year for training and supervision.

Our staff in South Africa work with and have training on the Proclaim system and already use SpeechExec and this is compatible with almost all voicemail/recording devices/software.

The fee is dependent on the type of service you require ranging from help on a time basis to a full-time dedicated secretary, but typically we will save you at least 30%.

Dedicated typist £1,000 a month plus VAT
Pay-as-you-go Standard Service £1.50 per minute dictation plus VAT
Pay-as-you-go Superior Service £1.75 per minute dictation plus VAT

With the dedicated typist service, you are guaranteed a minimum of 60 minutes dictation per day. With the Standard Service on Pay-as-you-go we guarantee a maximum of 48 hours turnaround time. With the Superior Service on Pay-as-you-go we guarantee a 2-hour turnaround time.


"They are efficient and proactive typists who never go sick! A must for every forward-thinking practice".

"It is a real pleasure to have Law Abroad/Underwoods on my side. Dictations can be turned around in under 24 hours, much more quickly if necessary. The quality of work is excellent. Documents can be drafted in line with your templates/precedents/pro formas. Plus, the x-factor is interaction with a top-notch team of people, who are a joy to work with and bring a smile to my face..."

"As soon as your dictation file is sent, you can 'consider it done!' It is a real pleasure working with a team who tick the boxes of speed and accuracy, plus prepare documents in line with your business templates and other requirements. The team are dependable, responsive and efficient. We have never met them, but they have become an integral part of the work we do…"

For further information contact Kerry Underwood on 01442 430900 or email