Fixed Recoverable Costs Extension Tour 2023

Kerry is the acknowledged expert on this subject and his first book on it - Fixed Costs - was published in 2004 and he advised Lord Justice Jackson extensively on this subject.

This lecture tour dealt with Civil Litigation and Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Cases including the Fixed Recoverable Costs Scheme for sub £25,000 Clinical Negligence cases coming in in April 2024 .

There were two separate all-day courses, one dealing exclusively with Personal Injury Cases and the various fixed costs regimes, and one dealing with Civil Litigation only, excluding Personal Injury.

The courses were live streamed and recorded in Manchester, and a copy of each recording is available to purchase at a cost of £300 plus VAT per course.

Purchase of the recording(s) includes extensive electronic course material and three one-hour Zoominars in January, March and May 2024, at no extra cost, for Kerry to give updates as to how the new scheme is bedding in.

You will also be offered free copies of Kerry's three-volume book - Kerry on Personal Injury Small Claims, Portals and Fixed Costs together with Kerry's book on Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting, Section 57 and Setoff.

To purchase a copy of the recordings please contact Claire Long on 01442 430900 or email


These courses can be adapted and tailored to an in-house presentation. For further information, contact Kerry on


Part 36 Zoominars

TUESDAYS: 21 February, 28 February, 7 March and 14 March

Tuesday 21 February 2023

  • Overview and Principles
  • Form N242A
  • Day One Offers
  • Pre-issue Offers
  • Liability and Quantum
  • Interest
  • Interplay with Calderbank Offers

Tuesday 28 February 2023

  • Effect of winning re Part 36
  • Defendant Benefits
  • Claimant Benefits
  • Genuine Offer to Settle
  • Interplay with Qualified One-way Costs Shifting
    • Existing Law
    • New Law from 6 April 2023
  • Late Acceptance

Tuesday 7 March 2023

  • Multiple Parties
  • Protected Parties
  • Part of Claim
  • Conditions
  • Varying Part 36 Offers
  • When Court Permission is needed

Tuesday 14 March 2023

  • Costs Assessments Proceedings
  • Appeals
  • Part 36 in Fixed Recoverable Costs Cases
    • Now
    • October 2023 onwards
  • 35% Uplift
  • Recent Case Law Round-Up (this may run into extra time)

Recordings of all four Zoominars are available for £120 plus VAT

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Thursday 3rd November 2022

Belsner and Karatysz Court of Appeal Decisions

On 27 October 2022, the Court of Appeal gave its long awaited decision in the Belsner case; it allowed the solicitors’ appeal and the decision greatly restricts the possibilities of challenges to solicitors’ bills under the Solicitors Act 1974.

In Karatysz, delivered by the same Court of Appeal on the same day, the Court of Appeal gave guidance on how statutory bills should be structured and delivered.

In both decisions the Court of Appeal were highly critical of the business model of Checkmylegalfees.

However, it is rather more complicated than that, and you will get your money back 100 times over by getting the recording.

Wednesday 5th October

Civil Justice Council Costs Consultation

Costs Budgeting – is it to be scrapped?
Guideline Hourly Rates – are they to be scrapped?
Pre-Action Costs
Digital Justice System

Tuesday 11th October

Fixed Recoverable Costs Extension 3 April 2023 – Where are we?

All Civil Claims up to £100,000
The Figures
The Four Complexity Bands
New Part 36
Counsel’s Fees
Preparing Now

£35 for one recording plus VAT
£50 for two recordings plus VAT
£60 for three recordings plus VAT

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