Kerry’s Books

Kerry Underwood is the author of 6 books and the most recent are:

Personal Injury Small Claims, Portals and Fixed Costs

Over 1,300 pages in 3 volumes covering every funding aspect of any personal injury claim, subject to fixed costs. Includes model funding agreements, detailed advice on the small claims procedure, portals, fixed costs, Consumer Contracts Regulations and Part 36. Blunt, practical advice from the acknowledged expert.

“Your book is great and very readable. It is my companion on many train journeys.”
Lord Justice Jackson
“A feast of unparalleled practical advice on costs and running a personal injury claim.
Kerry brings the CPR to life with his own experience as a solicitor and as renowned commentator and expert in the area of costs and personal injury litigation.
The great “lacuna spotter” identifies holes in the rules and offers advice on how to exploit them.
For those of you already bored of your Santa’s stocking book, pick this one up, it’s an Aladdin’s cave of CPR guidance which you cannot afford to miss.”
Nicholas Bacon QC
“Absolutely essential reading for all claimant personal injury lawyers.”
Simon Gibbs, Defence Costs Expert
“A unique and indispensable guide to the current and likely future costs regime.”
David Pilling, Barrister
“In-depth, concise and packed with Kerry’s practical advice and insight throughout, this is sure to be the go-to resource for lawyers on the mechanics of lower-value PI work.”
Rachel Rothwell, Editor, Litigation Funding

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Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting, Section 57 and Set-off

A comprehensive and practical guide to the new, complex concepts of Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting and Section 57 of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015. It covers fundamental dishonesty, Part 36, substantial injustice, financial benefit of another and looks at how set-off can be used by a successful defendant.

“This book is worth so much more than the price.”
Professor Dominic Regan
“Comprehensive, authoritative, highly practical and always straight to the point…”
Rachel Rothwell, Editor, Litigation Funding
“This is a guide that will be invaluable”
PJ Kirby QC, Hardwicke Chambers
“Personal injury lawyers should keep this book by their side”
Mark Harvey, Head of Litigation, Hugh James Solicitors.
“Thorough and readable, essential reading”
Gordon Exall, Barrister, Hardwicke Chambers
“This is the QOCS bible.”
Sofia Ashraf, Barrister
“Very knowledgeable and entertaining to boot”
Anthony McCarthy, Macks Solicitors
“There is just no need to look elsewhere”
Andrew Twambley, CEO, InjuryLawyers4U
“Admirably thought through and I will be delving into it repeatedly.”
Ian Foster, Law Costs Draftsman

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My Dad and Other Writings

Personal, non-legal writings, some satirical and some not. Includes pieces on Nelson Mandela and the re consecration of Tsar Nicholas II in St Petersburg, where Kerry was present. A very different side of Kerry comes across in these pieces.

Selected Writings Volume 1

This book consists of pieces written by Kerry Underwood in relation to aspects of the legal system and reforms and so called liberalisation. These are generally light-hearted and Andrew Twambley of InjuryLawyers4U has four pieces included.

The book also contains much more serious sections on the way that the National Health Service Litigation Authority has systematically misrepresented the way clinical negligence claims are dealt with and lied to in Parliament.

The book has a section on the conduct of some insurance companies.

This book is available to purchase direct from Kerry

The following books are out of print and out of date. A limited number of copies available direct from Kerry.
No Win No Fee No Worries: First Edition: No Win No Fee No Worries: Revised Reprint
Fixed Costs: First Edition
Fixed Costs: Second Edition