About Kerry Underwood

Kerry Underwood is Senior Partner of Underwoods Solicitors and is the acknowledged expert on funding, costs, legal systems, client care, marketing and advertising of legal practices.

His books on these subjects are considered the standard works and for full details of Kerry’s books see here.

They cover Conditional Fee Agreements, Fixed Costs, Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting, the portals, and all aspects of funding in all civil cases and how to run personal injury cases profitably.

Kerry has a particular interest, if that is the right word, in Part 36.

Kerry has written hundreds of articles on legal topics and is a regular contributor to Practical Law, New Law Journal and the Law Society’s Civil Justice Section Newsletter.

He appears regularly on radio and television and is frequently consulted by senior politicians and senior members of the Judiciary.

Underwoods Solicitors pioneered Conditional Fee Agreements, TV advertising by lawyers and offshoring work to South Africa.

Kerry outside the office

Kerry is a former councillor and Parliamentary Candidate.

Kerry travels extensively and home is his beloved adopted town of Hemel Hempstead, but he also spends time in his firm’s office in Wellington near Cape Town in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Interests include football, cricket, gardening and reading and he prefers the poetry of T.S. Eliot to the Civil Procedure Rules, and comments that T.S. Eliot’s poetry is rather easier to understand!

Kerry’s close links with South Africa stem from his involvement in the Anti-Apartheid movement in Britain and Nelson Mandela is one of his heroes.

Other loves include Queens Park Rangers, Elvis and curry.